A new beginning

Science Everybody! will be a conference for people who love science. In Fall 2014. In Hamburg.

Question, think, research, experiment, develop. These are the most common elements of scientific work. But wait a minute! These things are common activities in all our lives! We are all looking for new solutions be it in our private or professional life, be it in the kitchen or in the hacker/maker space. Always questioning the world and trying to develop new ideas and a broader understanding is in our nature. In fact science has evolved from society and is influenced by all of us. And vice versa. Plus: our lives are deeply intertwined with science through technology. So, actually, you are already a part of science.

Never before …

  • has it been easier to actively do science yourself.
  • has it been easier to gain deep insights in scientific research results.
  • have open source research tools and scientific methods been more readily available to everybody.
  • has it been easier to become an active part of the scientific community as a citizen scientist.
  • has science been more inclusive and fun.

We are still in the early stages of planning – stay tuned for more. We will be able to reveal our venue soon (it will be great!)

If you like the idea, if you want to be a speaker, if you want to volunteer: contact us.